Program Objective

To provide the highest quality massage therapy education for our students, preparing them to be effective, successful, and sought after professional massage therapists.

The Sciences

Skeletal Anatomy & Physiology
Study of the skeletal bones and bony landmarks. (20 hours)

Muscular Anatomy & Physiology
Study of the muscular system. Students will learn the details of the muscle system, as well as the names, locations and actions of the muscles of the human body.

Body System Anatomy & Physiology
Study of the integumentary, cardiovascular, lymphatic, immune, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, digestive, urinary, and reproductive systems of the human body. (50 hours)

The study of movement of the human body, with further learning of the musculoskeletal system. Students learn to locate, identify, and palpate muscles and their attachments. (36 hours)

The study of common diseases that may be encountered in the practice of massage and how they impact the use of massage. The dos and don’ts, what precautions to use when applying massage in the presence of these pathologies, and how massage may be beneficial. (40 hours)

Massage Courses

Massage Theory and Technique
Learn the history of massage, as well as how to identify and describe the possible physiological and emotional effects of touch and specific massage techniques. Develop the capability and confidence in proper palpation and assessment skills relating to appropriately applied massage techniques. Develop a safe and effective treatment plan, learning to write clear and concise notes of treatment sessions. Learn to practice appropriate personal hygiene and sanitary practices for massage sessions. (21 hours)

A popular style of massage aimed at relaxation and increased physical well-being, Swedish strokes are considered the foundation for many other massage techniques. This class will also include basic Aromatherapy, which is the use of pure essential oils in a massage to enhance relaxation or attain other benefits such as skin quality improvement. (36 hours)

Chair Massage
Study in how to effectively perform seated massage for both relaxation and therapeutic purposes. (9 hours)

Body Mechanics and Self-Care
Specific instruction on how to perform massage therapy using proper therapist body mechanics to extend your career and protect your own body. This class will include some basic instruction in yoga, meditation and other aids in taking care of your health. (15 hours)

Sports Massage
This modality will assist therapists to address the needs of the athletic client by preventing possible injuries, improving performance, and decreasing recovery time.  (21 hours)

Zen Shiatsu
Students learn the Japanese art and science of finger pressure to the energy pathways called meridians, as well as theories behind much of Eastern medicine. Shiatsu is used to balance body energy, relieve pain and dysfunction, and promote general health. (27 hours)

Students learn to affect the common disorders of the body by manipulating reflex areas of the hands and feet that are directly related to specific areas of the body. (18 hours)

Deep Tissue
This type of massage focuses on the deeper layers of body tissue, often used to long-term problem areas, and the proper application of deep massage to beneficially influence. (24 hours)

Lymphatic Massage
This is a gentle technique using rhythm, direction, and proper depth to filter out toxins within the lymph system, aiding in health. (12 hours)

Clinical Therapies
Students will learn how to best work with and improve healing of common injuries using an assortment of massage techniques. Students will also learn the practical use of trigger point therapy in various types of muscle dysfunction and injuries, including the definition of a trigger point, what causes them, and how to find them. (36 hours)

Special Needs
Massage therapy for a variety of special needs clients, such as the elderly and cancer patients. (21 hours)

Learn about the energetic nature of the human body, including Polarity and Chakra instruction. Students learn how these electromagnetic properties surround and penetrate the body and can be influenced to assist balanced health. (15 hours)

The proper use of massage therapy for expecting mothers, infants, and babies. (15 hours) 

Students learn to use hot and cold to reduce inflammation, treat trigger points, stimulate the skin, reduce muscle tension, and enhance the flexibility of scar tissue. Students also learn the use of heated basalt stones in massage, called Hot Stone, to further relax and loosen the client’s muscles. (18 hours)

The Business of Massage Therapy

Study Skills
Discover what type of learner you are and how to use it in this class meant to assist the adult student with supportive studying practices, leading to successful completion of the entire program. (6 hours)

Business Ethics
Identify and create effective methods for time management, client scheduling, business forms, creating proper therapy notes, and maintenance of the work environment. Define and discuss the differences between a personal and professional relationship, suitable boundaries, how to effectively and appropriately deal with clients, and the value of creating the therapist’s own identity and uniqueness in his or her profession. (25 hours)

Ethics and Idaho Law
Define and discuss the differences between a personal and professional relationship, suitable boundaries, how to effectively and appropriately deal with clients, and the value of creating the therapist’s own identity and uniqueness in his or her profession. Specifics of Idaho Board of Massage Therapy Laws will be reviewed and explained. (24 hours, no pre-requisites)

Identify and create effective methods for time management, client scheduling, appropriate business forms, creating proper therapy notes, how to effectively communicate with other health professionals, and how to maintain a professional work environment. Students will learn Idaho Board of Massage Therapy Rules and Regulations, as well as MBLEx requirements. (21 hours, no pre-requisites)

Exam Preparation
Students will review course materials, go over practice licensing exams, and gain specific information connected to becoming a licensed massage therapist. (10 hours)

Student Clinic
Students begin working with the public one-third of the way through the program. Learn and practice good customer service and time management skills, while continuing to perfect a 50-minute massage session. The students are responsible for at least 5 hours per week of clinic work, which includes assessing the individual client’s needs and medical history, discussing the expected treatment, and providing a customized massage. Students are supervised by Licensed Massage Therapists throughout the entire clinic experience, and receive feedback from both clients and instructors. (120 hours)

RCMT & Madison Memorial

We have partnered with Madison Memorial Hospital to provide our students with some real-world experience. Students will perform 10 of their 120 clinic hours at the hospital, gaining experience working on expecting mothers (or ones who have just had their babies), patients admitted prior to or after surgery, physical therapy patients, nurses, and more. The opportunity to work with patients in a healthcare setting will benefit the students by increasing their confidence, broadening their experience, and boosting their résumés.

This program will provide quality education for students wanting to learn the healing art, science, and benefits of therapeutic massage. It will prepare students for the MBLEX through appropriate coursework designed specifically to meet this need.

Start your career path to become a licensed massage therapist today!